Road Bike Clearance: Saturday Nov 16th!

2013 Cervelo p2. Scroll down for the killer sale price.

Salsa Vaya Travel, in a 56cm. It’s hundreds off.



We’re having a big, one day road sale this Saturday, the 16th, from 10am to 6pm.  We’re liquidating our 2013 road stock.  We have lots of popular sizes in stock, ranging from $600 entry level road bikes all the way to custom steel demo bikes.  Salsa, Cervelo, All City, Trek, Felt, Gunnar and Cannondale will all be represented.  Good stuff, all around. We’ll also have road tires and tubes on deep discounts, handlebar tape, demo handlebars and saddles, Zipp and Mavic wheels, road helmets from Lazer, Bontrager, Bell, Giro and Cannondale, and road shoes and pedals.

The bikes pictured above are some of the sale bikes, which our friend Matt DeLorme was nice enough to come and photograph for us.

The sale is over when the clock strikes 6pm on Saturday.  Between now and then, come in, get sized up, and get the discount on the bike.  All accessories are only on sale SATURDAY, so you have to come in to get the deal on those.  If you are outta town, sorry.

Here’s a fat list of sale bikes that we have, with the mega discounted prices. See one that looks good?  Email us or call us ASAP so we can get a deposit on it to hold it for ya. bikedrfrederick (at) gmail (dot) com

Sale bikes:

Soma Smoothie 54, Custom Build:  was $3500, now $2500
Cervelo S5 Rival 54: was $3800, now $2500
Cervelo R3 Rival 56: was $3150 now $2050
Trek Domane 2.3 54: was $1750 now $1450
Felt F65x Cross bike 55: was $1699 now $1250
Cannondale CAAD 10 105 5, 56: was $1730 now $1250
Cannondale Synapse 105 56: was $1550 now $1050
Cannondale Synapse 105 54: was $1550 now $1050
Trek Lexa SLX 54: was $1450 now $1150
Trek Lexa SLX 50: was $1450 now $1150
Cannondale Synapse 6 56: was $1280 now $950
Cannondale Synapse 6 58: was $1280 now $950
Felt F5 Carbon, 56: was $2099 now $1300
Trek Domane 4.5 58: was $2599 now $2300
Cannondale CAAD 10 105 56cm: was $1730 now $1050
Felt AR5 56:was  $2799 now $2050
Cervelo s2 105 compact 56: was $2800 now $2300
Cervelo S5 Ultegra 56: was $4300 now $3300
Cervelo R3 Ultegra 56: was $3900 now $3000
Cervelo p2 Ultegra 51: was $2600 now $2150
Cervelo p2 Ultegra 54: was $2600 now $2150
Cervelo p2 Ultegra 56: was $2600 now $2150
Cannondale Supersix HiMod 1 63cm: was $$6499 now $4500
Cervelo r3 105 54cm:  was $2600, now $2150
Trek Madone 4.5 compact 56: was $2499 now $1950
Salsa Warbird 2 58 and 55cm: was $2499, now $2100
Felt b16 Tri Bike 54cm: was $2199 now $1550
Trek Domane 4.0 58cm: was $2000 now $1700
Salsa Fargo 3, Large and Small: was $1450, now $1300
Cannondale CAAD 8 ‘7’, sizes 51, 54 and 56: was $1000, now $600
Cannondale CAAD 8 2300, 51cm and 54cm: was $830, now $600

are you still reading? woah man.

All City Macho Man Disc: 52 and 58cm.  Was $1795 now $1450
All City Mr Pink 52cm: was $1895 now $1350
Cannondale Synapse women’s 105, 54cm: was $1550 now $1150
Felt F75x cross bike, 50cm: was $1499 now $975
Cervelo P3 Ultegra 54cm: was $3600 now $2850
Salsa Vaya Travel 56: was $3950 now $3375
Madone 5.2 in 54 and 58cm: was $3399 now $2800
Madone 4.7 56 was $2999 now $2450
Felt ZW95 XS: was $1139 n ow $850
Cannondale Synapse 7 Sora, Women’s 54cm: was $1000 now $700


Bike Doctor Hoodie Presale

Bike Doctor Hoodie Presale

Hey guys: this is a two fold announcement. One: we now have a tumblr account. We’re not really sure what that means, but you can find it at We’re excited about it. Because: we deal with bikes everyday. We needed an outlet for things that are not bikes. Our tumblr is devoted to Parabiking: the epic world around cycling. Follow it, it’s already pretty good, and we just started on it. Further, it’s where you can preorder our new hoodie. It’s American Apparel, black, simple, clean. Preorder is only gunna last about 10 days, so if you want one, jump on it. Go there, and order, be happy, and check out the other cool stuff we’ve posted. It’s growing daily, so keep checking back!

The Wind Howls Like a Hammer

our friend Jay took these two shots. check out more of his documentary analog work at

poffenburger road + analog camera + grand fondue

We set out to make the 2013 Grand Fondue more scenic than last year, and in the case of the 65 miler and 100 miler, really really hard.  The full 100 miler had over 14k of climbing, a slew of dirt roads, sketchy ‘should i be doing this’ descents, climbs that brought to mind a visit to the in-laws house, and a whoopie pie or two.  Even the 65 miler was hard enough that most folks bailed on it, cutting it a bit short.  Maybe 4 people completed the 100 miler.  It was… ouchy.  The 35 and 20 milers were still hard, with many thousand feet of climbing, but just… for less time.  Riders rode down to Catoctin Pottery, had some grub, and headed back to the winery, where there was chili, a rad band, great mead and wine from the Orchid Cellar Winery (our fantastic hosts) and a great view of the mountains they had just rocked out.  Just over 100 folks came out.  Hopefully next year, we’ll have a few more! The T shirts, by the by, were delayed, and will be coming in next week.  We’ll post up on the Facebooks when they drop, so you can come get yers.  We’ll mail it to anyone who wants that to happen, within reason.

Greg McCracken ( took these two shots.  He was out on the 65 miler.

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1st Ever Fall Sale, Oct 5th and 6th

Details, then flier:

When: This Saturday and Sunday, the 5th and 6th.  Saturday we’re open from 10-6 and Sunday from 11-5

What’s on sale: 2013 bikes are marked way down.  2013 helmets, shoes, pedals.  We’ll have select tires on sale, lights, clearance clothing, new clothing will be buy one get one 1/2 off.  Lots of other stuff too.  It’s not a ‘everything is on sale sale’, it’s a ‘the things that are on sale are really on sale, sale.’






It’s a perennial problem.  People are always faster than me.  Better climbers, better on the flats.  They have better bikes, or weigh forty pounds less.  They have less years on them, or more miles in them.  And so I’m always off the back.  So I’ve taken to subtly sabotaging their bikes, in order to slow ’em down a bit.  Here’s my quick in dirty guide to making them slower and you faster.
1.  Fill their inner tubes with water.  About 2 cups per tire.  Take out the valve stem, dump it in.
2.  Put 6 rolls of pennies in the seat tube.  Remove seatpost, insert rolls of coins, tamp with paper, reinstall post.  Adds about 4 pounds to the frame.
3.  Lube their chain with butter.  It will seem nice and quiet for about 20 miles, then it will wear off and start making a horrible racket, demoralizing the rider.
4.  Over tighten their brakes.  So they just rub when they are climbing…
5.  Dial in the limit screws on the rear derailleur, so they can’t get in really high or low gears.
Note: don’t actually do any of this.  It’s a joke.  The real way to slow anyone down is to feed them a huge burrito preride, and an extra large ice cream cone.

The impending autumn means a few things at the shop.  More time for bike fitting, weird custom builds, endless cups of coffee.  Wool jerseys and rides where it’s ok to wear jeans.  Our clinics really took off last year.  We covered all sorts of topics, everything from disc brake bleeding (3 different brands!) to bike camping to recycled bike jewellery making.  We’d like to open it up this year to suggestions.  What do you want to learn about?  Chances are we either have someone on staff who can talk about it, or know someone who can.  Are skills clinics more rad than mechanical clinics? Do we need more art?  Do we need to have classes on road etiquette?  Let us know, either via email, or if you are reading this via the blogosphere, in the comments.  Our email address is bikedrfrederick (at) gmail (dot) com

We’ll be starting clinics in about two weeks, the first of which is always the comprehensive, hands on fix a flat clinics that takes place at 7pm on the first Wednesday of October.  Figure it will take about an hour.


Don’t forget to register for the Bike Doctor Frederick Grand Fondue.  It’s coming up in about a month, and we already have a good group of folks showing up, so sign up before it fills up!  For those that don’t know, the Grand Fondue is a semi organized ride that takes in the rural roads of Frederick County.  There will be dirt roads, gravel roads, normal roads and tiny barely paved roads.  Four ride lengths are on offer, so there is something for {almost} everyone.  You don’t need a whatevering bike to do this ride, but it’s not a bad idea!  Way more info on the ride here.  You can register via paypal here, and just email us with what your t shirt size is and your ride length.  Again, our email address is: bikedrfrederick (at) gmail (dot) com.  We’d love to see you out there!

Lastly, the shop rides:

There are only two right now, both on Sunday.  The women’s road ride is every Sunday morning.  It’s location varies, but if you qualify (ie you are not a guy), head over to the BDF women’s group ride Facebook page, like it, and get more info!

Sunday evening (meet at 5, wheels down at 5.30) is the whatevering ride, 30-50 miles of mixed surface road riding.  Bring: a suitable bike, real lights (200 lumen min) a relaxed attitude and a willingness to climb lots of hills.

-The Bike Doctor Crew