What’s Your Epic?

Whatevering shop ride around Sugarloaf. Photo by friend and awesome photographer Matt DeLorme

For news and updates on the 2013 Grand Fondue, go here: https://bikedoctorfrederick.wordpress.com/2013/08/22/grand-fondue-part-deux/

We’re Bike Doctor Frederick, and this is our epic.  What’s yours?  Stop in, we’ll figure it out together. Read more about what we are up to on our blog, where you’ll find info on stuff we sell, services we offer, shop rides, demo bikes, riding philosophy and so on.

Bike Doctor Frederick is a locally owned bike shop specializing in customers.  We have lots of great brands, too, but we couldn’t sell them without great customers.  We don’t even think of them as customers.  They are friends, who happen to let us do what we love: sell great bikes to great people so they can go do great things.  Right now this is the closest thing we have to a website.  We aren’t Luddites, we just have a lot on our plate, and the site is out of sight (pun intended) out of mind.  This is it for now.  It has what you need, more or less.  It tells you who we are and what we are about.

Here’s a sampling of our bike brands.  This isn’t all of them, just what I can remember, right now.  Trek, Cannondale, Felt, Mirraco, Waterford, Cervelo, Surly, Soma, Salsa, Gunnar, Seven and Electra.

We only sell products we believe in.  You won’t find lights that aren’t safe and bright, or pumps that don’t pump but have a great ‘margin’.  You won’t find tires that we haven’t ridden ourselves, or computers with too many buttons.  We keep it simple, good, and as affordable as we can, given that we have to pay rent and seven full-time employees.  Our service department is solid.  We fix it if we can, and recommend something smart as a replacement if we can’t, not just something expensive and flashy.  Who needs that, if it is going to break again?

That said, we love fine bicycles and beautiful parts.  We always have at least one custom bike in the queue.  We specialize in sourcing responsibly made components, including many American, Japanese and German bits.  Stop by and see one.  We’d be stoked to get one rolling for you.

We’re located at 5732 Buckeystown Pike, in the same shopping centre as the Common Market and Sport and Health Gym.  We’re open 7 days a week:  Monday-Friday 10-8 pm, Saturday 10-6 pm and Sunday 11-5 pm.  Give us a call during those hours or drop us an email after hours.  301 620 8868.

See ya soon.

-The Bike Doctor Frederick Crew

Packing up after a s24o.

13 thoughts on “What’s Your Epic?

  1. Did the peloton drop that rider (on your front page….blue long sleeve, black lycra, white helmet) ?! 0_o Looks like he need the team car.

    • Jason, we currently do not sell used bikes. Our hybrids start at about 500 bucks. Every bike we sell has free lifetime tune ups, so even if you just get it tuned up once a year, in 5 years you have saved over half the cost of the bike in free service. Not a bad deal! -James

  2. Is there ANYTHING that can be done to upgrade a 1997 Fatty70 fork? Any extra travel would be a huge help. This antique CAAD 3 is a great bike, but the fork is killing me.

    Thanks! Alyssa

    • Alyssa, extra travek would put extra stress on the front of the bike due to the longer lever of a longer travel fork. You could put a normal fork on there, with a different headset, and pick a longer travel. However, it would also make the bike climb worse due to slacker angles. So in short: doable, not recommended!

    • Brandon, the 3.0 is sold out for 2013, and they havent released the 2014 yet. We are also a Trek, Haro, Cannondale, Salsa and Pivot dealer though, so maybe we can score you something in there? We have some great 2013 sales going on with 29er dual suspension bikes. What size are you after? Shoot us an email, we rarely check this blog for comments: bikedrfrederick (AT) gmail.com thanks! -james

  3. I’m looking for 1 bike and 1 bike only, unless you have one in the same price range. I’m looking for the 2013 Haro Flightline Pro Carbon 29er 15.5 complete from factory. Can you please help me find this bike? I know it’s in the $1200 range.

  4. Hello! You are listed as a Santa Cruz dealer are you still a dealer and do you have any on hand? Specifically the High Tower, 5010, or Tall Boy in 27.5…. thank you

    • Hello!
      Yes, we are a current dealer for Santa Cruz and in stock and built-up we have a 5010 C (27.5), a Tallboy C (29er), and a Bronson alloy (27.5).

      Stop on by anytime to check them out!

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