Kibosh Winter Riding Woes

Take a short ride and make it interesting.  

We have tons of great fire roads to explore. You can ride them on pretty much anything. Here, Jay gets ready to cross a little stream in the ‘Shed.

Every winter I secretly get bummed out.  The lack of light, the wind, the rain, the biting cold all combine to get me down and off my bike.  The less I ride the less I am inclined the grab the bike and head out for a ride.  Riding becomes a chore, something I want to do so that when I get back on the bike in the Spring it won’t hurt so bad.  I need a reason to get out that’s not linked to the concept of exercise or goals.  A winter ride has a to be fun, or I’m staying home and reading some boring history book.

Jay threw his Bialetti espresso maker, a small backpacking stove and a muffin into his saddle bag and rode off into the mountains.

I break the mold by heading somewhere that I have never experienced in a slow way.  Bring a camera, bring some food, and head out with the objective to go slow and take lots of pictures.  My friend Jay D has taken it to the next level.  He brings his Bialetti espresso maker and cooks up some mean Cafe Bustelo in the mountains.  The ride isn’t about the distance.  It’s about getting out the house, finding somewhere quiet, and taking the time to do something enjoyable.  Coffee or tea is great because it involves ritual.  It’s calming, the aroma is heightened by the cold air and the smell of the woods.

Go sit somewhere you have just ridden by and never stopped at..  Get off your bike and see what’s budding.  My wife likes to bring a small tupperware container to collect, as she calls it, nature bits.  Cool old acorns, sticks with weird moss on them, etc.  That’s how she documents the ride.  The act of collection is her ritual, like coffee brewing is Jay’s.

Change it up, spring will be here soon!

Check out more of Jay’s work at his flickr page, here.

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