Ye Ole Holiday Sale, Dec 15 & 16

The Holdiday Flyer, in all it's lime green glory

A Holiday Sale at Bike Doctor Frederick & MoreMost holiday sales are bogus.  Things are artificially marked up and then marked down.  Scarves bought for 12 dollars at wholesale are priced at 48 dollars, then put on sale for 24 dollars.  This is how typical retail works.  Price padding, perceived value.  You think you are getting a steal of a deal, when in fact you are just paying exactly what the retailer wants you to pay.  We don’t do that.  Upfront honesty is important to us.  Our products are priced at what they should be priced at, which is of course based on how much they cost us.  We don’t often hold sales, because we’re already selling stuff at what it should be priced at.  Also, it’s hard to talk about this kinda thing and still hold people’s interest.  But we’re breaking the rules this winter, because we know bike stuff is expensive, and sometimes its nice to get a real break,not a perceived one.  We can’t afford to do it all the time.  We aren’t buying bikes at 250 dollars and selling them for 1000, at 50% off.So here it is: really our best sale of the year.  December 15 and 16th.  That’s a Saturday and Sunday.  No special extended hours.  10-6 on Saturday and 11-5 on Sunday.  Here’s the gritty on it:

  • Tent Sale Pricing on all bikes, even special orders.  That’s the best pricing we do, ever.
  • At least 10% off all accessories.  Some stuff will be higher.  Helmets, lights, handlebar tape, tires will be 15% off.
  • 15% off on all current clothing
  • Additional 25% off on all clearance clothing, which is already at ridiculous pricing.
  • Additional 25% off on all clearance shoes.  We have a boat load of them.  Take advantage!
  • 20% off on Shimano M087 shoes (great mtn shoe) and Shimano M520 pedal combos.  This isn’t clearance stuff, its just an awesome deal.  20% off only if you get the pair.
  • Great deals on stocking stuffers, including loads of stuff normal bike shops don’t stock, handmade t-shirts, hand screened pint glasses, artwork, handmade whimsical bells, the list goes on.
  • 20% off on all Books and DVDs.  We have some really great books!  Buy one for someone you like, even if that’s yourself.

Here’s a quick peek at some chimerical stocking stuffers that won’t end up in the regift pile.Vital Pint Glasses, Pretty!These simple, colorful pint glasses are hand printed in Denver, Colorado by Vital Industries, which is just two folks making well designed mostly bike themed objects d’ home.  That wasn’t supposed to be real French, so don’t send any mean letters!  20 bucks gets you 2 of these.  They also make classy looking ‘old fashioned’ glasses, which is either a juice glass or a bourbon glass, depending on how your tastes run and maybe your age.Recycled Dog CollarsRuff Again makes these dog collars out of old inner tubes that we give them.  Locally made, and well made.  They are tough, come in fun colors, and are fully adjustable.  Small, Medium and Large sizes, with the biggest topping out just under 25 bucks.crane bells from japan!Crane hand-painted bells.  Made and painted in Osaka Japan.  Crane started by using recycled rotary telephone bells, but those eventually ran out, so they copied that tone and look with these beautiful bells.  They also come in silver aluminum, real brass and real copper.  The painted ones are a bit more than the plain ones, but they are lovely fast little paintings, and each one is unique.  They are just under $25!Dear John, earringsWe commissioned Dear John Goods, a local company specializing in upcycled products, to make a variety of jewelry from bike parts.  There are a bunch of different flavors, all priced below 25 bucks.  Support local artisians!

Don’t forget that the 3rd annual X-mas lights ride is coming up.  Read about the last one here.  (Scroll down until you see lights)  It’s an easy 4 mile ride through Frederick City.  Easy pace, but it’s probably not a good kids ride, given the darkness, the street crossings, etc.  Meet at the Bell Tower in Baker Park at 8.15ish, wheels down and rolling by 8.30.  Afterward, we’ll go somewhere warm and get some beverages that may or may not be of an adult nature.  Probably Brewer’s Alley.  Bring a lock, if you wanna hang out after the ride.  Dress warm, we don’t ride fast.  This year we’re doing an optional bike decoration contest.  Dress that bike up with some sort of holiday theme (lights, holiday movies, whatever) and the best bike wins a dubious prize!So here’s that info in an easy to digest format:

  • Where: Bell Tower (near the Talley Rec Center) in Baker Park.
  • When: Dec 19th, Meet at 8.15, wheels down at 8.30  DON’T BE LATE!
  • What: Short (sub 5 mile) slow ride thru the best x-mas lights in the town.
  • Why: Because even bad x-mas lights are good.
  • Who: Anyone who can handle a bike in a big group of people.
  • What to bring: at least a headlight and tail light.  Battery powered x-mas lights are highly    encouraged.  A lock if you want to hang out post ride.  Warm clothes.

2 thoughts on “Ye Ole Holiday Sale, Dec 15 & 16

  1. Eric here. I just want to thanks James and Brian for the Salsa Casseroll frame I grabbed on Saturday. I finished moving everything over late Sunday afternoon and I love the ride. The bike is an excellent replacement for the Origin-8 I was riding. Handles much better. Thanks again guys. Happy New Year !!

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