A Good Fondue Kit is a Good Frederick Whatevering Kit


The log lady donated her eldest for this display.  Apologies for the slightly blurry picture.  James gets the shakes when he has to handle a smart phone.


A Good Fondue Kit is a Good Frederick Whatevering Kit.

also: more Grand Fondue news, upcoming clinics for October, Shop rides…

This is the second in a series this month on what kind of gear we use for riding in Frederick.  In part duece, we’ll check into what kind of stuff to jam in you saddle bag.  On a long unsupported ride, such as the Bike Doctor Frederick Grand Fondue, you need to be prepared.  99.9 miles of riding means you have to pack most  of the food you want to eat, and bad roads and long miles means you need to be able to make field repairs.  The kit outlined here will serve you well for big and short rides.

We’ll be hosting clinics all winter, covering how to use most of this stuff.  The class on how to peel a banana though, has been postponed until we find a suitable primate.

Most people carry most of this stuff, and some people even know how to use most of it.  But having it and using it are both keys to being a prepared cyclist.  The silver thing on the left is a mini pump.  I prefer a little pump to C02, which always seems to fail on me, aka I mess it up and end up shooting cold air everywhere but in the tire.  Also, pumps never run out of air.  The Lezyne is a good small pump that uses a hose to attach to the tube, so when you are yanking it all around trying to get it up to 100psi, you won’t yank the valve out.

The pink thing up top is tire levers, which you use to yank your tires off the rim in case of a flat.  They might have one more use, but I don’t know what it is.  Bright colored Pedros levers are my favorite, easy to use, hard to lose.  The blue box is filled with patches.  A quick bit of advice on patches: wait for the glue to dry before applying the patch, and don’t peel the thin clear plastic off the back of the patch after you apply it.

Two tubes isn’t a bad number to have.  If you have just one, you will be less likely to lend it out to someone in need.  Above, Dan is installing a tube I lent him, after his replacement tube flatted.   Also, sometimes you’ll randomly double flat.  The silver and black thing that vaguely looks like a tool is a multitool, with all of the basics you need to tighten something after a crash, or to raise Dan’s seatpost so his knees stop hurting.

Food wise, we have a banana (always good to have some real food along, andBananas have a nice case built into them, plus potasium, which I hear is  good for something.), a ‘Probar’, some drink tablets, and a caffienated gel food like product.  Have a nice mix of solids and super easy to digest ‘magic food’.  If you are bonking hard, you need something to get you out from under the man with the hammer.  Agel will do that.  A banana, probably not.  Conversely, just eating gels is gross and bad for you and a good way to ruin your stomach.  Probars are great, they are what you would make at home if you had time.  A bunch of seeds, nuts and dried fruit mushed together with very little filler.  The drink tablets (these are sugarless Nuun brand tabs) turn any gas station water refill into a good drink for riding.  Electrolytes are your friend!

Just two more things, and we’ll wrap this up. Lip balm is a great thing for colder rides, and having a tin of it means you can share.  The hankerchief is the do it all addition that you really should make room for.  Clean you hands after a flat fix.  Honk your nose in it.  Tourniquette.  Placemat for tools when making repairs.  Sweat rag.  Best 1.89 you will spend.


The Bike Doctor Frederick Grand Fondue is coming up here at the end of the month.  There are two rides, for those who don’t know yet.  99.9 miles and 35ish miles.  The 99.9er will have loads of climbing and plenty of dirt roads (about 20 miles worth).  The shorter ride will have way less climbing, and only 3 short dirt sections, which are really well groomed.

ye ole poster

The big guy will have a bailout at roughly 65, if you are dead by then.  The ride is the last Sunday in October, which is the 28th.  Both rides are only 15 bucks, plus a block of cheese for the communal fondue at the end.  That 15 bucks gets rudimentary sag support, basic mechanical support, a few glasses of wine or mead at the end, and access to the communal dinner plus a few blazing fire pits.  We’re starting and ending at the beautiful Orchid Cellar Winery in Middletown MD, where part owner Andre (also a mechanic at the shop) will be hosting us.  Also, great local band “The Galt Line” just signed up to play, and they are a ton of fun.  We figure that’s quite a bit of goodness for just 15 bucks.  The other ride that is happening that month, the Grand Fondo, which sounds suspiciously like our Fondue, is 100 bucks, and no band and no wine!

Preregister (we need head counts sooner rather than later) even if you don’t know which ride you want to do.  Send us an email at bikedrfrederick (at) gmail (dot) com to do paypal, or just stop by the store with cash money.  Please have exact change, it will make our lives easier.  If you just have a 20, we’ll give you a Frederick Bicycle Coalition waterbottle, but no change.

Way more details here.

Clinic season is upon us.  Sign up in advance for individual classes (some have size limits).  Almost all are free.  We have a big listing of all of them, here.  This Wednesday, we’ll be doing our popular fix a flat clinic, which is a comprehensive look at how to fix flats, cut tires, and how to use moss as a tube.

Here’s the rest of the month’s breakdown, but really, go here to see the full deal. 

10/17:  Touring and Bike Camping basics.  We’ll talk about need vs want, where to get stuff, and how to use it.

10/24: TBD

10/31:  Winter Riding Clinic: clothing and equipement to stay warm and safe.  Learn about practical layering, embrocation, and hydration.


Well, it’s finally happened.  The Wednesday Night climbing ride, after making thefront page of the paper, decided to call it quits for the season.  Not enough light.  We’ll start it back up in the spring.

Tuesday Mornings, join James and Andre for a ride into the hills.  We’ll hit whatever roads we have the legs for, and be back in the early afternoon.  We meet at the 7th street Starbucks at 8 am, eat some food, drink some coffee, and then head out.

Sunday mornings, meet Tracy at the westview shopping center’s Starbucks at 8am for the Women’s road ride.  Welcoming environment, good place to learn how to road ride!

Sunday evenings, join James, Andre and Dan the Younger for an epic whatevering ride.  Wheels down at 5.30, but get to the shop at 5.  You have to bring real lights for this, we return in the dark.  150 lumen minimum for your headlight!  30-50 miles.

For all rides, check facebook to see if they are on or not, due to weather.

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