Fall Clinics, Demo Bikes and Shop Rides

Clinics & Classes for Fall and Winter…

also: new shop demo bikes and shop ride schedules

We’re gearing up for a big season of cycling related clinics this fall.  The shop is running clinics Wednesday evenings from October thru early March.  Most will be free, some will have materials fees associated with them.  Classes will be taught by riders, employees and industry insiders.  We’ll have clinics ranging from product previews to hydraulic brake bleeding, classes about how to make bike jewelery, and talks about how to tour, and stories about epic tours.

View the schedule under the clinics/classes/talks link.   Sign up in advance by using the comments section of the blog.  Some classes are a limited size, so plan ahead and sign up accordingly.

It’s pretty hard to figure out if you like a bike by spinning it around a parking lot.  Does it climb well?  Eat bumps? Accelerate like Cippolini being chased by a rabid cheetah?  Hard to tell when you are dodging cars and stopping at every intersection for a stop sign.  We’re aiming to fix that this fall.  We have six rad rides for you to demo out on the trail and open road.  The latest/greatest road offerings from Trek: a Madone 5.9 Di2, a Madone 5.2 WSD and a Domane 5.2.  The flipside: steel steeds from Gunnar and Soma.  We also have an endurance ‘dual sus’ 29er from Salsa, the ‘Spearfish’.  You can check any of these bikes out for a nominal fee, which is applied to the bike you eventually end up with.  For example, rent the Domane for $50, return it and buy one, the fifty bucks gets taken off the final tab on the bill.  Easy, right?   Give us a call if you want to check one of these cats out.

56cm 5.2 Domane
52cm 5.2 Madone WSD
Medium Spearfish
Shop rides are still on.  Sunday evening shop rides will continue until it becomes bitterly cold.  Lights are an absolute necessity.  Winter riding is fun, but it gets dark fast and you need to see and be seen.  We’ll have long term tests of lights in a future rendition of this newsletter, but for now, stop by the shop and we’ll talk lighting options.

Shop ride schedule:

Sunday mornings, meet up with Tracy for the women’s road ride.  Casual pace, easy roads.  Come on out and meet some new people to cruise with.  Bring the essentials: road bike, stuff to fix a flat, some food.  15-25 miles.  Wheels down at 8ish from the Westview Starbucks.  Watch facebook for weather cancellations.

Sunday evenings head out with James and some other reprobates for an amble thru Frederick’s forgotten roads.  We’ll do some dirt roads, but nothing to be scared of.  Bring the road bike, good lights, and some grub.  30-45 miles of hard riding at an easy pace.  Wheels down at 5.30 from the shop.

Tuesday mornings join Andre and James for 40ish miles leaving from Starbucks on 7th street at 8am.  Casual pace, big hills.

Wednesdays join Brian and the crew for the climbing ride.  This will be off for the season soon, so get it in while the light lasts.  Fastish pace, but no one gets perma dropped.  Wheels down at 5.30 from the shop.

Our mailing address is:
Bike Doctor Frederick
5732 Buckeystown Pike Unit 10
Frederick, MD 21704
301 620 8868
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