The bikes below are part of the ridiculous clearance sale happening Saturday, the 25th.  We have lots of great bikes in a bunch of sizes.  Road, Mountain, Touring, Cyclocross, whatevering… Below you’ll see a pic of the bike, and it’s original price and the sale price is too low for us to legally publish, so call us for the sale price.  Only good on that one day!   These are bottom of the friggin barrel prices.  However, combine the purchase of bike with shoes, get 15% off the shoe price!  Get pedals too, and take 20% off the price of the shoes and pedals.  Get a helmet too? 25% off shoe, helmet and pedal combos with a new bike purchase.  Getting shorts too? Get 30% off shoe, helmet, pedal, shorts combos.  Pretty sweet deal, that.  We know it’s a pain to call and ask for pricing, but it’s the only way we can swing this low pricing.  Give us a shout or (if you hate the phone like I do) email us.  301.620.8868 or bikedrfrederick (at) gmail (dot) com


Felt B16 W 54cm. Was $2199, Call for sale pricing!

Trek Madone 5.2 in a 54 and a 59.  Hot bike!  Full Ultegra.  Was $3399, now $2399

Trek Madone 5.2 in a 54 and a 59. Hot bike! Full Ultegra. Was $3399, Call for sale pricing

Cervelo S5!!

Cervelo S5 Ultegra 54cm was $4300,


Cannondale Trigger 3, large. Was $3220,


Women’s Cannondale Synapse 105 Alloy. Was $1550.


2012 Cervelo P2 Ultegra 54cm. Was $2800


Cervelo R3 Ultegra 56cm. Was $3900


Cervelo S2 in a 56 and a 58cm. Was $2800

Trek Madone 4 series

Trek Madone 4.5 Was: $2499


Trek Rumblefish 17inch Was $2350,


Felt F75X 50cm Was $1499


Salsa Vaya Travel 56cm Was $3950


Felt ZW95 Was $1139

Salsa Fargo Large and Small

Salsa Fargo Small.  Was $1450


Synapse Alloy 105 56… Was $1550

Salsa Warbird.  55 and 58.

Salsa Warbird. 55 and 58.  Was $2500

Felt AR 5

Felt AR 5 56cm.  Was $2799


Felt f5 56cm. Was $2099

Charge Cooker Maxi. Was $1740,

All City Mr Pink, 55cm Was 1950,

Surly Krampus 20″ Was 1950

Ha! The 4th Annual Bike Doctor Frederick Xmas Lights ride in downtown Frederick is fast approaching.

Who: You and 100 other riders. Kids who can easily pedal 4 miles can come along, if they have lights and a helmet.
Where: Baker Park Bell Tower, next to the Armory.
When: 7:30 sharp, or earlier by a bit. It’s cold, no one likes hanging around for stragglers
What is it?: A X-mas lights viewing ride around Frederick City. A few miles, casual pace, mostly flat. We ride as a big group, no one gets spit off the back.
What do I bring: A bike, a rear blinky light or enough battery powered xmas lights that you dont need a blinkie. Gotta decorate your bike. BRING A LOCK, if you are coming to the post ride hang out at Firestones.
The Competition: We’ll be giving out good prizes for the top 3 decorated bikes. Employees can’t compete, so don’t worry about that. Any December holiday counts, so do whatever you want on that front. The bigger, the better. Last year we had someone toting an actual tree around, a snoopy mobile, bikes with ornaments, bikes made up like giant sparkling reindeer… photos here:
Post Ride Party thing (21+): Firestones on Market Street.

Still have questions: Email us at bikedrfrederick (at) gmail (dot) com

Here’s the deal: We ride around in the bitter cold and look at good and bad X-Mas lights on houses in various parts of the city. It’s a short ride, probably ok for kids over say… 8, that are used to pedaling. It’s a super casual pace, we ride as a big X-mas theme’d Amoeba, and eventually end up at Firestones for the afterwhatever. You have to decorate your bike. The more extravagantly the better. Any December based Holiday theme applies, not just X-mas. We will post helpful hints about this as the time draws near. The top 3 decorated bikes (popular vote) win some cool bike theme’d prizes. Much better than last year, where we gave out some peach colored glasses and some half eaten cheetos.


2013 Cervelo p2. Scroll down for the killer sale price.

Salsa Vaya Travel, in a 56cm. It’s hundreds off.



We’re having a big, one day road sale this Saturday, the 16th, from 10am to 6pm.  We’re liquidating our 2013 road stock.  We have lots of popular sizes in stock, ranging from $600 entry level road bikes all the way to custom steel demo bikes.  Salsa, Cervelo, All City, Trek, Felt, Gunnar and Cannondale will all be represented.  Good stuff, all around. We’ll also have road tires and tubes on deep discounts, handlebar tape, demo handlebars and saddles, Zipp and Mavic wheels, road helmets from Lazer, Bontrager, Bell, Giro and Cannondale, and road shoes and pedals.

The bikes pictured above are some of the sale bikes, which our friend Matt DeLorme was nice enough to come and photograph for us.

The sale is over when the clock strikes 6pm on Saturday.  Between now and then, come in, get sized up, and get the discount on the bike.  All accessories are only on sale SATURDAY, so you have to come in to get the deal on those.  If you are outta town, sorry.

Here’s a fat list of sale bikes that we have, with the mega discounted prices. See one that looks good?  Email us or call us ASAP so we can get a deposit on it to hold it for ya. bikedrfrederick (at) gmail (dot) com

Sale bikes:

Soma Smoothie 54, Custom Build:  was $3500, now $2500
Cervelo S5 Rival 54: was $3800, now $2500
Cervelo R3 Rival 56: was $3150 now $2050
Trek Domane 2.3 54: was $1750 now $1450
Felt F65x Cross bike 55: was $1699 now $1250
Cannondale CAAD 10 105 5, 56: was $1730 now $1250
Cannondale Synapse 105 56: was $1550 now $1050
Cannondale Synapse 105 54: was $1550 now $1050
Trek Lexa SLX 54: was $1450 now $1150
Trek Lexa SLX 50: was $1450 now $1150
Cannondale Synapse 6 56: was $1280 now $950
Cannondale Synapse 6 58: was $1280 now $950
Felt F5 Carbon, 56: was $2099 now $1300
Trek Domane 4.5 58: was $2599 now $2300
Cannondale CAAD 10 105 56cm: was $1730 now $1050
Felt AR5 56:was  $2799 now $2050
Cervelo s2 105 compact 56: was $2800 now $2300
Cervelo S5 Ultegra 56: was $4300 now $3300
Cervelo R3 Ultegra 56: was $3900 now $3000
Cervelo p2 Ultegra 51: was $2600 now $2150
Cervelo p2 Ultegra 54: was $2600 now $2150
Cervelo p2 Ultegra 56: was $2600 now $2150
Cannondale Supersix HiMod 1 63cm: was $$6499 now $4500
Cervelo r3 105 54cm:  was $2600, now $2150
Trek Madone 4.5 compact 56: was $2499 now $1950
Salsa Warbird 2 58 and 55cm: was $2499, now $2100
Felt b16 Tri Bike 54cm: was $2199 now $1550
Trek Domane 4.0 58cm: was $2000 now $1700
Salsa Fargo 3, Large and Small: was $1450, now $1300
Cannondale CAAD 8 ’7′, sizes 51, 54 and 56: was $1000, now $600
Cannondale CAAD 8 2300, 51cm and 54cm: was $830, now $600

are you still reading? woah man.

All City Macho Man Disc: 52 and 58cm.  Was $1795 now $1450
All City Mr Pink 52cm: was $1895 now $1350
Cannondale Synapse women’s 105, 54cm: was $1550 now $1150
Felt F75x cross bike, 50cm: was $1499 now $975
Cervelo P3 Ultegra 54cm: was $3600 now $2850
Salsa Vaya Travel 56: was $3950 now $3375
Madone 5.2 in 54 and 58cm: was $3399 now $2800
Madone 4.7 56 was $2999 now $2450
Felt ZW95 XS: was $1139 n ow $850
Cannondale Synapse 7 Sora, Women’s 54cm: was $1000 now $700


Hey guys: this is a two fold announcement. One: we now have a tumblr account. We're not really sure what that means, but you can find it at We're excited about it. Because: we deal with bikes everyday. We needed an outlet for things that are not bikes. Our tumblr is devoted to Parabiking: the epic world around cycling. Follow it, it's already pretty good, and we just started on it. Further, it's where you can preorder our new hoodie. It's American Apparel, black, simple, clean. Preorder is only gunna last about 10 days, so if you want one, jump on it. Go there, and order, be happy, and check out the other cool stuff we've posted. It's growing daily, so keep checking back!


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